Blue Urchin builds neat stuff online. Currently we’re focused on MyCoast.org, which is currently active in South Carolina, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Connecticut. Did I mention we’re busy?

Who we are

We’re Chris and Wes. Our work overlaps, but Chris is a better coder than Wes. Or maybe he just wrote that. Hard to say. We gave ourselves authoritative titles because that seems to be the way the world works, but we don’t tend to take them very seriously. Meaning Chris, who should follow Wes’s orders, tends to be insubordinate, and Wes, who should stay away from the geekiest bits of our projects, insists on going in and trying to “implement new features” without properly consulting Chris.

Wesley Shaw
Wesley Shaw
Wesley Shaw


Chris Rae
Chris Rae
Chris Rae


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